Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My latest layout. I couldn't sleep last night and this is what I worked on. Another one of our Christmas pictures.

Kaleb, our youngest grandchild...for a few months until his sister arrives! See that worried look? I was standing between him and his Mom and he wanted to get to her...not sure how to get around that Grandma with the camera.

Kael, Kaleb's older brother with Grandpa Wayne

We call Kael the worryer. He always has to have his hands clean and he was born with a worried look on his face. Poor little guy got the family "worry gene." He has many momets of fun too...he's not always worrying.Kael just loves his older cousin, Tyler. Tyler has lots of transformers and Kaels always wants to play with them and you can guess what the answer usually is...no:( So, Kael is starting a collection of his own. Here he is playing with what he told me was the "bad guy." He had two others that were the good guys. Ya always gotta have one bad guy tho.
Here is Kaleb, finally by his Mama who is due the end of April. It can't be soon enough for her. She is really getting uncomfortable. She and Alan saw a bulge in her tummy a couple nights ago and looking closer at it saw the perfect shape of a (rather large) foot. They even saw the toes. How exciting!! The room for the baby is probably beginning to get pretty tight.

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