Monday, February 12, 2007

Below is the latest layout. This one is the same picture as before using different paper. I use a diffeent set of papers for each child. I like to have papers the same for each child's Christmas for the year and this is the paper I'm using for Jacob's 2006 Christmas layouts. I added just a little different touch to this one with the design above the picture. Otherwise pretty much the same!

Not a whole lot new. I haven't felt well at all over the weekend. Fatigue, swelling more than normal on my feet and legs and a new hands have started shaking. It makes it even difficult to type. I was going to ignore it until my feet started to turn purple and itch. That worried me that maybe the cellulitus was returning and maybe even getting worse. So, feeling like a hypocondriac, I made an appointment with my doctor. He took a look at my leg and looked it over really well so he wouldn't miss anything. He said..this is not cellulitus. He asked me what pain medicine I am currently on and what is in my pump. I told him what I take which is very little and that the pump has dilaudid. He went to his computer to look up something. He came back and said he didn't find a connection that he is looking for and that is a conection between the pump and high cortisol levels. He said it is just a hunch but wants me to get tested for cushings disease. I almost wish that is what is wrong with me. It could account for the weight gain, the fluid retention and the extreme fatigue. There are other symptoms but those are the 3 big ones that come to mind. I think he said it could account for the hands shaking too....and that was one of the vital signs to him. I almost didn't tell him but try to remember anything that's happening to tell him for any sort of a diagnosis that he could come up with.

That's all for today...don't feel well at all. I take some medicine tonight for the blood test tomorrow so I sure hope the test shows something!!!!


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