Saturday, March 31, 2007

My latest scrapbook pages that I made for the Design Team!
So Cool In Grandma's Shades
The first layout is pictures from when Tyler was 3 years old and I thought they were so cute!
I was supposed to use to big green letters and use as many as I could fit on a layout and look good. These pictures were from 2005 and I thought they were also very cute! I had to find something to scrapbook with this paper and these pictures fit well.

I woke up this morning with my feet and legs swollen almost double. I don't know why. I always joke when it swells and say that the Mayo Clinic says there's nothing wrong with my feet and legs...oh goody! I took a water pill and I hope it helps get rid of some of this edema. I am also getting the cellulitis back in my right leg. It is turning red and feels warm to the touch. I called the doctor on call and he called in some anti-biotics. I also have a slight headache but I think it could bould be from either the edema but most likely from the beginning of the cellulitis.

Rhebeca is here this afternoon and one thing she likes to do if it's on the weekend is play the game called "retirement village". I am the one (of course) that is in the retirement village and she is assigned to me to help me when I need it and I can call her on my cell long as it's the weekend because then it's free. I have free weekend calls so we can have fun doing that game.

I have the American Idol DVD game and we played that game and it's a lot of fun. We can choose different adventures to do and what we choose is how the dice falls. She loves the one where she can take the microphone and sing. She ended up winning the game today and I didn't even cheat to let her win! The game ends with idol trivia and she answered every question...correctly. I didn't get my answers in there soon enough:)

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