Thursday, March 29, 2007

Before going to Steve & Katie's for lunch we were able to stop briefly and see Eutemia and the kids.
Rhebeca...getting more beautiful inside and out everytime I see her. It's the maturity and the beauty that come from the inside that complete the beauty you see on the outside..make sense??
Wayne and Kaleb

Kael. ...he had gotten that little candy you see on the left at his school this morning and was very proud of it!

Today I celebrated my 52nd birthday. I never really thought I would ever get this old. I have always felt young because I have done thngs and been the youngest in the becoming a mother. I was 18 when I had our 1st baby and was usually the youngest in the group, etc. I am turning 52 and feeling young at heart:)

My family did all they could to make me feel special today and it was really appreciated.. My Mom called me first thing this morning to wish me a happy birthday and brought over 3 days of wonderful looking food. Katie and Steve and the boys had us over for lunch and made me feel special. Katie even baked a cake for me. Wayne brought me a card and flowers. He wanted to know what I wanted for my gift and I told him summer sandals and he'll get those later. Our daughter and grandson called this morning from Tennessee to wish me a happy birthday also. My in-laws had sent me a check 2 days earlier...that's always a welcome surprise.

I don't want to diminsh anythng that anyone did for me because it was greatly appreciated. The 2 things that touched my heart the very most were the things our 2 oldest grandchildren did for me. Rhebeca called me to wish me a happy birthday. I asked her how she knew it was my birthday because I had talked to her Dad earlier and he didn't seem to remember. She said she had put it on her calender...WOW!!! ....what a way to touch a Grandma's heart. And 2nd, our 2nd oldest grandchild is Tyler. He spent $12 of his own money to buy me a very pretty necklace. I could almost cry to think that he would do that for me. I will take a picture of it tomorrow and post it but right now it's in the room where Wayne is sleeping. There are a lot of things that a little 6 year old boy would like to
think of his "old" 52 year old Grandma and want to do somthing to bring me joy. Both things bring me to tears if I really thing abou it very long...I am really blessed.
I wanted to add more pictures from today but I keep falling asleep...more tomorrow!!

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