Wednesday, April 18, 2007

At the park
My Mom stopped by on her way to the park yesterday and I decided to go with her. Caden and Kael were the ones with us. They had the best time. I love watching children playing and having fun. It was such a beautiful day yesterday and just enjoyable being outside.
Kael thought he could do these rings and I had my doubts. He ended up falling on his face but got right up to play wouldn't want to miss any park time after all.
Here's Kael doing a little climbing. You notice the boots? I asked why he had his boots on and my Mom said he came to her house that way. His Mommy was in the hospital and Daddy probably couldn't find his shoes. How funny! It didn't seem to slow Kael down one little bit.
Caden thought Kael was taking a little too long so he crawled through his legs to get going a little faster.
Here's Caden trying the bars with Grandma Marilyn's help.
When I took this picture I kept telling them to put their arms around each other. I think it is so sweet that Kael tried to do what I asked but didn't quite understand what I wanted.

I had one of the worst days I have had for a long time yesterday. My feet were swollen terribly and the nerve pain in my feet just wouldn't go away. I'm so glad to have woken up this morning and be feeling a little better. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon and I'm really nervous about it. I will be having conscious sedation and I haven't had that will be quite interesting. I think once I've had it and know what to expect that I won't be quite as apprehensive about it.

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