Friday, April 06, 2007

Caden and Rhebeca at the pond. Rhebeca is trying to figure out how to catch the muskrats that are making holes in the grass down by the pond. She thought that maybe if she held the net over the hole that the muskrat would come out and be trapped. Caden is having a blast throwing rocks into the water but is bothering the fishermen trying to catch the "catch of the day".

Two 5 year old boys + one fishing pole = name calling and shoving resulting in Tyler coming to my house for the afternon. Neither one of them could handle the competition and since this is Connor's first time to spend the night in Plymouth we wanted it to be a good experience for him. Connor is my brother's son and lives in the Indianapolis area.

Caden is getting ready to try and net some fish:)
There's always time for a little photo shoot and posing before fishing.

This is Connor...too bad I didn't notice he closed his eyes on the only picture I took of him:(

A closeup picture of Tyler.
Rhebeca's seashell find for the morning!!

Tyler casting the fishing pole before it was Connor's turn.

I had an appointment with the neurologist today...Dr. Strawsburg. He thinks the problems with tremors in my hands and the way my knees almost buckle when I stand up might me medicine related but to be on the safe side he is doing some testing. I will have some blood work done, an MRI, another EMG and maybe more that I can't remember. I told him I have to be almost completely put out for the MRI because of the back pain so he agreed that I can go to ELkhart and they can use what they did last time for my MRI. This time the MRI is of the brain. Before he did an exam he asked me to remember 3 words. After he did the exam he asked me what the 3 words were and I could only think of 1 of them. That really stressed me out. I have always had a wonderful memory but this goes along with the stuttering and my inability to think of words. I hope it's medication and nothing else shows up! I see him again in 2 weeks.
Not much else new. I will post some pictures of Rhebeca coloring eggs yesterday in tomorrows post.

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