Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter 2007
Kaleb didn't get to join in the easter egg hunt but he sure enjoyed the spoils of the hunt....the chocolate!!
The Easter Egg Hunt

My Mom...known to the kids as Grandma Marilyn

Wayne's Dad, known to the kids as Great-Grandpa Vic

Marylou, Tyler, Katie and MarilynWayne & Becky
I don't let too many pictures of me to be taken because of my added weight and I don't like how the picture looks but Rhebeca wanted to take one of Wayne and I and kept telling me how pretty I looked so I agreed to have this picture taken.
Tyler was just a little bit leery of the Easter Bunny when we first got to the restaurant but by the time we had our meal he was giving the bunny a high 5! How cute.
Kaleb has latched onto the Laa Laa that Beca loved as a baby.
Beca modeling the sunglasses she got in the easter basket we gave her. She looks pretty good in them!!
Rhebeca became the photographer for the afternoon and did a great job. This is her Great-Grandma MaryLou.
Kael is checking out his Easter basket from Grandma Becky and Grandpa Wayne.
It has been a tradition that when the family has a meal at a restaurant that Beca and I take a walk together while the adults finish their meal. The last couple of years Tyler has joined us and for the first time Kael joined us this year. Beca really didn't want her little brother (or is it bother?) along but I insisted that we wouldn't leave anyone out. We found this part of the restauant that was empty and the boys were racing and running and Rhebeca asked me if I wanted to see her dance...of course I did! She did a beautiful job and was so light on her feet!
Tyler enjoyed the strawberries that he dipped in chocolate. He informed us that there were a few strawberries in the bottom of the chocolate that he dropped!:)
Rhebeca modeling her Easter dress! She can wear anything and look good but this dress was a good choice for her for Easter.
Tyler greeted us with a big smile and excitement when we got to the restaurant. Sure makes a person feel good to get such a good welcome by a Grandson.

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