Monday, April 30, 2007

Isabella Amira Nigreiros (our last name)
I don't like to post the whole name of these little people!
I think she is just beautiful. She was sleeping so good here. She has just finished nursing and was a little fussy and I got to put her to sleep...what a wonderful feeling to feel that little body relax in my arms.

Since my last post I have seen the physical therapist and she has taught Wayne and my Mom how to wrap my legs. I couldn't believe the first time I took the wraps off how normal my ankles and feet looked. It worked!! And, the fear I had of the burning pain didn't happen. Dr. Stillson was right...if I can get rid of some of the swelling the burning pain would bet better too. I am having Wayne wrap my legs right before bed and leave them on till I have to go somewhere or till late morning. He didn't get it right the first time but I think he did a better job last night. I won't know till I take the wraps off. The funny thing is if he doesn't do it right there can be big lumps of edema where the wraps were put on wrong.

Friday we got to welcome a new granddaughter to the family. She is grandchild #7. I was just as excited about her as I was about the 1st. I waited at the hospital with Alan and he tried real hard to get me in to watch the c -section. They said no and I had mixed feelings about it. I wasn't sure I could handle it and come to find out they had a real hard time getting the baby out so I'm glad I was not in the room. They tried to suction her out by using the suction cup on her head and she came only so far and the suciton cup fell off so the doctor had to reach in there and really tug and pull to get her out. She is a beautiful healthy baby. What a blessing!!

I spent the afternoon with Rhebeca yesterday. I think she was feeling kind of left out and displaced at the same time. The timing couldn't be worse because they moved to Plymouth yesterday too. Talk about major stresses. She and I went to the pool and spent 1 1/2 hours swimming. We talked and talked about anything she wanted to talk ended up being a lot of talking about American Idol...we both love that show. The pool wore her out so much that she came back to our house and laid in my hospital bed watching TV.

I feel so bad for Alan. He has had so much stress with having a new baby and trying to get them moved and having the major back problems on top of that. This morning he called me and has a migraine headache with nausea. It's not like he can just stop today either. He has to close on their house. Please pray along with me that he can make it through this day!!

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Larry said...

Hey Becky ... A friend of mine has had long-term trouble with his back--nerve dammage, I think. He had the electric stimulation thingy implanted last week. I'll let you know how it goes.