Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tyler at T-Ball 2006
This is the latest for the design team. I really struggled with this. I have found that when I don't feel well it is very hard to concentrate on scrapbooking. This is all I got accomplished this weekend! (except for a very messy scrapbook room).

I saw my general practitioner last Friday (April 20th) and came away pretty discouraged. He does not sugar coat things for me and I really don't want him to. He had finished reading the lengthy report from Mayo Clinic and was looking at it again when I came in the office. He just kept shaking his head....he said they've got quite a list of ailments for your here. He said you have such a messed up immune system and metabolism. I told him..I know! I said...I just don't understand how I landed where I am when I was so healthy during my life. Here I am sick all the time and taking so much medicine. I keept hinking ...just what could I cut out of the medicine and the answer always is...nothing. He agreed. He said the only way you're going to get that fluid out of your leg is to have therapy so Wayne can learn to wrap your legs and push the fluid up. I agreed to make it a priority to get in to therapy. I had been dragging my feet a little bit because I don't want my feet wrapped because of the nerve pain. He thijks that the nerve pain might even get better after getting some of the fluid removed. I have an appointment on Thursday, the 26th. There is only one therapist that is trained to do this in Plymouth. I am just glad I don't have to drive (or have someone drive me) to South Bend.

I went to the pool yesterday (Monday) and felt so much better afterwards. The nerve pain is almost completely gone when I get out of the pool. One of the rules of the pool is that no one can swim alone. Wayne was out of town today so I took Tyler with me. We stayed and played games in the pool for over an hour. Before we left he wanted to stay at my house and it took his Mom and me to get him in the car. Once while we were convincing him to go swimming I told him my feet hurt so bad and getting them in the water helps me so much...he said...Well, why don't you just put them in a bucket of water? I thought that was so funny...especially knowing the mechanics of why walking makes me better.

On the way home from the pool we were talkingabout all kinds of things. I said...your nana (Steve's mom) sure looks good since she lost weight. I know she's worked really hard at losing weight. He said yeah..she is sure shrinking. I think she's going to turn into a little kid again. I told Katie and she said she wondered what Tyler thought about her weight loss...now she knows!

Friday night I tried to start the Nutri System diet. My first meal was almond chicken. Sounds good, right? Well, it looked like someone threw up on my plate and tasted about like it too. I had to toss it. I haven't gotten back on it again because I've had so much nausea over the weekend. I don't know whny but I was so miserable all weekend. I am a little better today and might start trying the diet again tomorrow. There are just a few items I can see that I'll have to send back and exchange.

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