Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jacob got a new bike for going potty in the toilet for several weeks.
What an exciting day! They took him to Toys R Us and he got to
test ride several bikes before he picked out this one.
Jacob on the 4th of July.

Tyler, Caden and their Daddy at an Indianapolis Colts game
today...Sunday, August 26th.

Isabella at 4 months enjoying a dilly bar. She thoroughly enjoyed eating a dilly bar.
She cried if her Mom took the dilly bar out of her mouth.

Walking in the pool usually helps the burning pain in my feet so Wayne drove me out to Swan Lake yesterday so I could get in their pool. I walked and walked and it changed the pain from maybe a 10 to a 4 or 5 which is a significant decrease so It's worth the effort of going to the pool!

I've said many times that if all I had to deal with was the back pain I would be in great shape. It's just all the added problems I've had since I have had the chronic back pain start. First of all I started having trouble with my feet. They started burning and swelling. I think they are actually 2 different problems. The burning is peripheral neuropathy and the swelling ended up being lymphedema. It took a long time to get those diagnosis and a lot of wrong diagnoses in the process. Life w/o these feet problems would be so different and s0 wonderful!

I just don't understand sometimes why one person has to be blessed with so many afflictions. I watch other people and don't see very many people with pain like mine...or feet that are so swollen they can't get any shoes on their feet. I usually can just accept my fate but I have my days when I question everything and today has been one of them:(

When I reach what I think is the end of my rope, God provides a way for me to cope. Of course I would rather not be like this but I'm thankful for little times of escape. I felt near the end of my rope tonight and Alan called and wondered if they could come over and have Kael open his birthday presents at our house. Seeing the grandkids got me totally away from thinking about myself and enjoying them instead. I'm thankful for those times of reprive (sp?)
Please excuse any typos in this...I kept falling asleep while typing and may have some real good typos!

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