Sunday, August 26, 2007

This layout is the first of many that I am doing for my Aunt and Uncle to honor the memory of their daughter. I have to be real careful with these layouts because of the difference in colors of the ones I am doing that are from current pictures. These are from the 70's and have many of the 70's colors. I thought this paper fit the colors of the chair very well.

Sweet little Isabella sleeping so well. Nothing better than a sleeping baby:)

This was of Beca a couple of years ago. I needed to do a Halloween layout for the Memory Zone scrapbook store and remembered these pictures that were so cute!!

I have kind of forgotten about my blog lately. I have been SO tired lately for several reasons. First, I have been getting muscle spasms when I wake up in the mornings. If I sleep for 2 or more hours I wake up with horrible muscle spasms so I have to take 1...sometimes 2...muscle relaxers. That just knocks me out. I slep for several hurs then. I"m lucky if I can get 4 hours of sleep a night and for me, that just isn't enough. I spend the day falling asleep wherever I'm sitting...partially due to the muscle relaxers and partiallly due to lack of sleep.

I decided to call the doctor last week and ask for a sleeping pill. He prescribed Restoril. I took that several years ago until it just became ineffective. I took one pill Friday night and slept 6 hours. That is good but I also slept all day Saturday. So, last night (Saturday) I didn't take anything and I slept pretty good. Only thing that kept waking me up was burning in both of my feet. I should have walked in the pool yesterday. That helps better than any medicine I could take to releive the burning in my feet. Oh, how thankful I am to have found somethng to help that burning in my feet. When I have that burning it just feels like they are on fire!!

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