Sunday, August 05, 2007

This is a box that I did for the design team. There is a real neat set of rulers and arcs and a dvd that teaches you how to make everything. There are boxes like this, circle boxes, envelopes, pillow boxes, etc. And, it makes all kinds of sizes. Somebosy had a pretty good idea!
This is another project for the design team. I had to use this z0o paper and since I didn't have any good zoo pictures I decided to go with a little different idea.The poem on the other page is the theme for both pages.

There has not been a lot happening since my last post. Only this...I've been waking up with muscle spasms in my lower back every morning. They are very strong ones that about knock me to the ground. I then have to take muscle relaxers and those put me to sleep till at least noon. It takes me another few hours to wake up and then it's time to fix supper or run and errand and the day is over. I keep thinking about the letter I got from disability saying I should be able to hold down a way!!! Here is is 1:30 and I'm having trouble typing this post...I keep falling asleep. I have no idea why I've started having muscle spasms. The only thing I can figure out is that since I have gotten the hospital bed I can sleep longer periods of time and I don't move while in bed sleeping so that causes those muscles to spasm when I wake up.

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