Friday, September 28, 2007

I got a new puppy this week. It's the one below...a pink poodle:) It is a webkinz dog and I care for it online. I play games with other people like checkers, rock paper and scissors, etc. to earn points and then I can buy things for my puppy. I've enjoyed it so far. And it hasn't wet on my carpet yet at all!!

This is Caden and Grandpa Wayne wrestling. Grandpa had to call it quits before he got hurt...Caden LOVED it!!

This is Caden showing me his muscles. He thinks he's pretty big:)

I have made a new committment with myself to try to keep up on this blog better than I have in the last couple of months. It is so healing for me to write my feelings about my health and when I don't I suffer more depression.

I praise God for my pain doctor and that he prescribed a new medication for my feet. It keeps me almost 90% painfree in my feet. I still can't wear shoes without my feet burning but that is nothing compared with being in constant pain. I have read that the feet has more nerve endings than anywhere else in the body and I tend to really believe it!

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