Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kaleb on his new bike!

Isabella enjoying her first taste of ice cream...and she LOVED it!! She cried when it was taken away.

Picture of Isabella on Labor Day of this year. She's getting so big all ready...and what a cutie!!

Well, here I am into day #2 of my new plan to post every day. I woke up this morning with muscle spasms so I took a muscle relaxer. It helped but put me right to sleep in the one chair that causes the muscle spasms so when I woke up the 2nd time today I had the spasms again so I took another muscle relaxer. Can you say tired:) That's what I am....tired!!

I did pretty well all morning and then around 11:00 I got real nauseated and it's now 3:00 and am stil nausated. I've finally resigned myself to the fact that this is going to be a lousy day!

Not much else to say because it's making me sicker to type.


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