Thursday, December 27, 2007

I changed the song this evening to this song by Celine Dion. It is kind of sad but expresses so well the feeling a parent has when their child moves out and leaves home. I think that was the saddest time of my life...when our children moved out for college, marriage, etc. I won't leave this song on long but thought it was beautifully expressed in this song.

I started physical therapy again Monday. My doctor thought I should because of he recent bouts with cellulitus I had. It had been a long time (about 6 mos) since I had therapy so she had do to another evaluation. I have to lay on my back on a hard table for that and it really hurts my low back. I wanted to be a good sport about it and not complain but when I got home my back was just screaming in pain. I ended up having to take extra pain medication. I just hope that this helps with the feet and legs.

There was a student in the office learning physical therapy and I am somewhat of an oddity so she asked a lot of questions. I kind of knew it all but I will try to explain it here. Before I got the morphine pump I was in so much pain for so long and I didn't move around was just too painful. It caused the fluid in my legs to start pooling in my ankles. I went to my family doctor many times with the swollen foot..especially worse on the right side. He finally sent me to a foot doctor who said it was plantar faciitis and treated me with shoe orthotics. That seemed to help a little bit for some reason. But the swelling came back again and then I started having burning in my feet...especially my toes. Well, with the burning pain my doctor thought I probably had pheriferal neuropathy. Not sure the spelling is right but it's close. It was 2 Christmas's ago I started on medicine for that and I remember that because the first 2 weeks I was extremly sleepy. I slept almost the whole time at my parents house. I went to Mayo Clinic last winter and they finally diagnosed it as lymphedema. We were so lucky to have someone trained in wrapping legs right here in Plymouth...Rosie!! (forgot to mention that in the last year before the diagnosis I had several bouts of cellulitis in my right leg) The therapist taught Wayne in several sessions to wrap my legs and he's been doing it ever since....2 sometimes 3 times a day.

What I had forgotten or maybe didn't want to remember is how dangerous the cellulitus is. If the infection gets out of control it can be life threatening. Now I know even more how important it is to exercise in the pool to keep that fluid moving and to keep them wrapped.

Tyler came over here this afternoon and we found a new game. We have been playing a series of games on the computer called Granny in Paradise/Super Granny. We found Super Granny 4 today and it's brand new. The fun thing about it is that we can play it together and work together in winning the game. We both laughed so hard and I think it did both of us a lot of good to laugh. When we got to his house today he was crying so hard because his bionicle that we got him for Christmas that he worked so hard t0 build had broken and he didn't know how o fix it. So, me with my added pain and Tyler with his frustrations both needed a good laugh. I know I sure felt better after we played that game.

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