Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Wayne and I would like to wish you the very best in the year 2008.

I started physical therapy last week after about 6-7 months of a break from it. I think it's supposed to help but I have been much much worse since starting it. My whole feet have been burning and my right leg is almost constantly numb and it's swollen up past my knee. I am really afraid she's made things worse. I will be calling my doctor today and trying to get him to call me back and see what he thinks I should do.

I am working on the album for my Aunt & Uncle's deceased daughter. I needed more paper for it so went into the scrapbook store last night to get some paper. I got there and started feeling really light-headed and was sweating profusely...not like I usually do but like turning up the volume onthe sweating. It was 4:30 and I was afraid they closed at 5:00 so I asked the owner how late they were open and thankfully it was till 6:00. I told her I wasn't feeling well and I'm sure she could tell so she brought me some cold water and a cold cloth. That helped me so took a few minutes to get feeling like I could get some more shopping done! I found some great paper and was on my way to WalMart. I had to get a few groceries and it was dark when I got out of the store. I walked out to where I thought the car was parked but couldn't find it...I was really stressing and decided to press the open door on the remote door opener. Come to find out I was standing right next to the car. I called Wayne in tears because I hadn't noticed the car and he said to remember that I wasn't feeling well...he said there's nothing wrong with your mind.

I woke up to the worst foot pain this morning at 2:30. I always feel panicy when the pain gets this bad. I think part of it is not knowing what is going on with my feet and legs. I'm so afraid of losing the use of them. I just hope that if I keep walking in the pool that it will strengthen them.

Wayne took Beca and I to the pool on Saturday and I noticed quite a bit of the fence was knocked down. I told him I thought some kids were probably messing around and took it out and Wayne said it looked more like an accident. Well, funny thing is when I was in the scrapbook store the employee started talking to me when I was sitting and resting. She said the owner had totaled her van the night before (I think?) and took out part of the fence by Swan Lake. Wayne was right! It was an accident. I was sure glad she wasn't hurt. I guess she managed to hit every side of her van...kind of like a pinball machine bouncing around.

Happy New Year to you and the best of the new year!!!

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