Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is my consolation picture. We had scheduled this group plus Isabella to have their picture taken at Olan Mills on Friday evening. When we got there they told us it would be at least 1/2 hour wait. Children this age do not wait well...so we cancelled the picture. I really felt bad because Jacob isn't here that much and I want a picture of all our grandchildren. So, I took this one on Sunday but couldn't get Isabella in the picture because she was sleeping. Left to right is Kaleb, 2, (Alan & Eutemia's), Rhebeca,9, (Alan & Eutemia's), Kael,4, (Alan & Eutemia's), Tyler ,7,(Steve & Katie's), Jacob,3, (Kristi & Eric's), and Caden,3,(Steve & Katie's).

This is Isabella (8 months) and Alan, her Daddy
Kristi had hoped it would snow while she and Jacob were here and she got her wish plus a little more. Kristi took the kids sledding and carried Kaleb the whole time. I think Jacob is having a good time.

I haven't been online for a while because our daughter and our grandson stayed here for a few days. I loved having them and our grandson...Jacob... really made up with both of us. They left this morning and I feel so sad to see them go. I cried when then left and still could cry but am trying to keep myself busy and keep it off my mind.

I put myself out so much that by last night I couldn't go another inch. I felt badly that I didn't make it to my inlaws Christmas party. I tried real hard to push myself but I couldn't do it. I had a fever and my back and feet were in terrible shape so I stayed home and slept. I am still exhausted this moring but hopefully by the time Tyler comes here this afternoon I will have recouped a little bit!!

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