Friday, December 14, 2007

Okay...I've been tagged twice now and I guess I better get on the ball and respond to it. When a person is tagged they have to list 7 things about themselves and then tag 7 people. I have been tagged by:
Tricia at
Willa at

7 things about me:

1. I love Starbucks. My newest favorite drink there is the Chai tea latte with low fat milk. It is fairly lowfat and tastes delicious:)

2. I have always loved horses. When I was a little girl I would go to sleep at night dreaming of owning a horse until one day my Grandpa bought me one. I don't own one now because of health but loved owning them in the past.

3. My favorite TV show is American Idol. I am so excited that another season is starting in Janurary!

4. I am left handed and do everything with my left hand except bowling.

5. I used to love to read until this illness hit I'm thinking about getting some books on tape...does the library carry them? They're expensive.

6. I have always loved sweets but it's even worse them even more...since I haven't felt well.

7. I love the water...lakes/ponds, the ocean. I think it is so soothing to be by the water.

I don't know 7 people to tag so I'm probably wimping out but anyone I go to and try to tag has been tagged all ready and it's many times does a person want to be tagged? So, it ws fun to be tagged and I enoyed reading my friends list of 7 things about them that I didn't all ready know!

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