Thursday, December 13, 2007

Latest layout done for the design team. I just love this picture of Kristi (our daughter) and Eric's little guy, Jacob. In fact, Jacob is flying in an airplane as I type this to come and visit and I'm really excited to see him and his Mom. Isn't this look one of just pure joy of living?

Tomorrow (Friday) we have an appointment at Olan Mills to have all 7 of our grandkids picture taken. That ought to be quite a hoot. Can't wait to see what they're able to come up with.

I haven't had a very good day today. I don't know if I'm extremely tired or what. One thing is I have a toothache on the area where the dentist was going to work on 2 weeks ago. I am so glad the tooth started hurting today because the dentist isn't in the office on Friday's. He won't be in till Monday morning and if the tooth gets any worse I will have to use the pain medicine he gave me. He wanted to give me vicodin but I told them that I take vicodin every day and it won't cut it for a toothache. I told them I would probably need percoset and that's what he did!! It's good to have it just in case that toothache gets to screaming:). My appointment to have this tooth worked on is the middle of January and that seems like a long ways off when a tooth is screaming in pain.

I always buy the "girls" (Kristi, Katie and Eutemia) something from
Bath & Body Works. I told Katie that I would like her help this year. It's nice to have someone of
that age group to help pick out what they would like. So, she picked me up this afternoon and she took me to the store. Caden came along and I took my walker that has a seat on it. He loved the walker and I pushed him on the little seat on the walker unless I needed to sit down. He was pretty slow in giving it back to me but eventually he would get off and let me sit for a little bit. It was a lifesaver today and I need to take it with me more often.

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