Monday, December 10, 2007

This is the layout I finished Sunday for one of my projects for the Design Team. I had to use the brown paper in some way. I couldn't stand to use all brown so added some of the orange paper with it. This is a picture of Beca being a "bride" when they lived in Greenwood. She was about 4 years old.

The weekend has turned into quite the interesting days. I'll try to shorten they acocunt as much as possible.

One Friday Wayne said he'd take the day off work and take me to the hospital to see my Dad. Katie called and said she was working and needed us to take care of Tyler. I thought that would be fine and he'd like seeing his Great Grandpa Dick. We picked him up at school at 12:2o because they had a half day. Tyler was a little disappointed that we were heading to South Bend right away but seemed to accept it okay. As we got closer to the hospital he got a little angry acting. We had played a game of travel battleship and my pegs spilled all over his lap and that was very upsetting to him. The rest of the trip he seemed to be angry with me for some reason. When we got to the hospital he refused to go inside. I still didn't realize what was going on with him. Wayne dropped me off at the front door so I could get a wheel chair for him to push me upstairs. It took the longest time and they hadn't come in. Wayne finally called me and said Tyler was refusing to go into the hospital. A long time later I see Wayne carrying a crying Tyler into the hospital. I realized at the moment that he was scared to come in. I forget sometimes that he's only 7 years old and doesn't have the life experiences to make him mature. He's so smart that it seems he at my level at times. We started up to the room and he was still crying. We told him he didn't have to go into the room and that seemed to be a little better for him. I went in to see my Dad and Wayne and Tyler went to the lounge where they found my Mom. I told my Dad about Tyler and he said not to leave since he was scared...he understood. Even on all the pain medicine he understood Tyler's feelings which I was thankful for. I went to the waiting room and let Wayne see my Dad and then we took off.

Wayne had to fix a crane while we were out. Tyler wasn't too thrilled until he found out they had video games. Wayne gave him huge handfuls of quarters to play the games As soon as we left the hospital he was fine and seemed so happy. It was pure fear that made him act the way he did. I've never seen anything as cute as him playing those games. He kept talking to himself .....even when he was playing the games. I was happy too because I had taken some scrapbook magazine to look through.

After that I had to stop by University Park Mall. I had called the Gap and they had a hat, scarf and mittens for Kael that I wanted so I needed to I pick those up. There's no quick way to get to the Gap so I had to walk quite a ways. I made it to the Gap okay although I was sweating like mad and my hair was even getting wet. It was after I left the Gap that my back pain began and I didn't know how I was going to get out of the mall. I remembered all those times I had spent hours there walking the whole length of the place. I wouldn't be doing that again. Back to today...(actually Friday). I had to stop and rest 2-3 times to make it out to the car. I even felt like I was going to pass out. By that time the sweat was dripping off me onto my blouse, hair and the floor. It is so embarassing. I finally got the strength to make it to the car. Wayne couldn't believe how awful I looked. I was upset physically and emotionally upset that I couldn't do a simple task like that.

Saturday morning I woke up with horrific muscle spasms. I have noticed that they come after I have had a big day the day before. I took a muscle relaxer right away but it took just over an hour for it to help. You can't believe how slow that hour goes when you're in so much pain. I did nothing the rest of the day. My aunt has given me magnets to sleep to prevent the spasms but I haven't found a way to keep them on. I need to get an elastic band with pockets in it. I will try to find one online today.

The rest of Saturday was spent doing very sendentary projects. I worked on a layout due this week for the design team. It is the one at the top of this post.

I woke up with muscle spasms again Sunday morning. I had taken a muscle relaxer when i went to bed Saturday night so thank goodness the spasms weren't as severe and didn't last as long as Saturday morning.

I can't believe it but Sunday was our 35th wedding anniversary. We were both teenagers when we got married so I'm sure many people didn't think we would make it. They didn't know how much we loved each other:) I am unable to travel so a trip for our anniversary is out of the question. I had wanted to go to Red Lobster for lunch and then to a movie but after the day I had on Saturday I didn't feel like going. Wayne is so understanding of my abilities and disabilities and was fine staying home with me. We went to WalMart together and just enjoyed each others company. We got a carry-out from Christo's for our anniversary dinner and after being out so long my back was hurting so I sat in my most comfortable chair which is the computer chair. We ate in different rooms so I could get my back under control. We both understand that this is the way it is. Would I like to change it? Sure I would but I know I can't right now. Even though I'm crying as I type this I am usually very accepting of my situation. Things could be worse and I'm so happy for the abilities that I do have!

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