Thursday, December 06, 2007

Tuesday I went in for a pump refill. I hadn't felt well ever since I stopped the anti-biotic and when they took my vitals before the pump refill I had a fever. It wasn't high but was lowgrade at 99.7 I called my family doctor today and asked if he would call in another round of the anit-biotics. He said he wanted to see me. He examined my legs (where the cellulitis is) real well and said my legs are still hot to the touch meaning the cellulitis is still there. He wrote me a script for another round of anti-biotics. I could tell he really felt bad for me..and it's so nice to have a doctor who really cares. I don't know if it's because we were neighbors when I felt well and now he sees the change in my abilitites, etc...or maybe he might just like me as a person:)

Right before I went to my doctor appointment I went to pick Tyler up from school. I get there early so I can be in the front of the line. Well, I kept falling I know it's probably from the infection in my body but I just couldn't stay awake. I called and told Wayne and he called Katie who came right over and picked us both up. I have always said I won't drive with any of the grandkids in the car if I don't feel sharp enough to drive. I won't risk their lives. Tyler was so excited to see me and then when he saw his Mom in the car he couldn't figure out what was going on. We drove over to Starbucks and then she took me home for the hour before my doctor appt.

After the appointment I told Katie that I thought I could drive home. I got out of the car which was parked at the school and it was a sheet of ice. My first foot out of the car went sliding and I ended up flat on my face and halfway under Katie's car. It really shook me up for a while and I know it did her too. She came running out of the car to see if she could help me up.

Today (Thursday) is my Dad's surgery. He has kidney cancer and he will have one of his kidney's removed today. I felt so sorry for him yesterday because he couldn't have anything to eat all day Wednesday and then to top it off he had to drink that horrid stuff to make you go to the bathroom and have an enema too. What a horrible day it must have been for him and to have the antcipation of the surgery on top of it. I called him Wednesday night to let him know that I would be praying for him. He changed the subject and told me that the slippers I got him on Tuesday night fit him perfect. I was so glad I could do anything to make things a little more pleasant for him. He is determined he will be hom on Saturday even though the doctor said he'd be in for 5 days. He loves his home and is comfortable there ...I hope that if he still feels that way after the surgery that the doctor will listen to him.

I joined a new group at I am setting up a page there and will put a link to it when I'm done with the page. There are just hundreds of scrapbookers on that site that you can talk to or make friends with that have the same passion for scrapbooking. I've enjoyed looking around the site. I think I could spend days there looking around.

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Charity S. said...

You poor girl...flat on your face in the ice!! That never feels good (and believe me...unfortunately i'm clutzy so i know the feeling!) I'll pray for your Dad!
Can't wait to go see you @!