Friday, January 18, 2008

Layout done for the design team!
I just finished this layout today. I love how it turned out. It is one that I did for my new design team. I love this picture of Kaleb. He is such a handsome little boy...just look at those eyelashes:)
I am thankful that I had a decent day today. My best friend from high school is here in town because her father passed away. It was so sad to see my friends mother...she looked so sad. They had been married for 57 years and worked side by side all those years. He was a doctor in LaPaz and his wife was his nurse. My friend lives in California near
San Francisco and she wants to take her mother home with her and it sounds like the mother is willing to go. Every time I had seen the mother (Evelyn) recently or actually in the last few years she would hug me and say how happy she is to see me and the tears would just flow. She is a Canadian raised woman and was alway so proper but put up with the antics we two girls would think of. I can rememer her always saying..."Oh dear" and there would be a smile on her face. I feel sad that she will be so far away from us now and now my friend, Andrea, won't have any reason to visit Indiana.

Whenever Andrea and I get together you would think there had been no time lapse in our being together. We can pick up talking after 10-15 years of not seeing each other. My heart feels so heavy that they won't have a reason to visit here anymore. Maybe if she weren't so busy she would stay with me for a few days. I guess after all this settles down I can write her and ask her if she would be willing to do that. She and her husband work together as realtors in the San Francisco area.

They were worried about getting the cats (2 of them) and their golden lab out to California. The airlines won't fly them unless it is above a certain temperture and we are way below that. So, I came home and looked up in the internet to find courier services that drive the animals to their destination. I found 5 places. I was surprised how many I found. I called Andrea and left the numbers for the places on her cell phone.

My feet have been slightly better lately. Wayne and I think it's because I stopped eating pretzels that are so high in sodium. I had been eating them as a snack because if they are baked that means they are much lower in calories. You just can't win sometimes!! Anyway, maybe a little bit of the swelling went away from the lack of sodium.

My next big hurdle is to try to get a little more sleep at night. A good night is 4 hours and that just doesn't cut it for me. Lately it's been lucky to get 1 hour of sleep at night. So many times I have gotten out of bed with terrible muscle spasms or with my right side completely numb. So, now I don't want to get in bed because I don't want to wake up with muscle spasms or with my right side numb. I'm going to work on talking to myself about this and getting in bed and trying to sleep. My solution is to go from the bed to the recliner and keep moving back and forth even when trying to sleep.

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Kelly C. said...

Beautiful layout, Becky. Your love of your grandbabies just radiates through your work. Your Kaleb does have the most amazing lashes. Sorry to hear about your friends father. I hope your feet swelling/pain continues to ease.
I just saw your cards on the MZ gallery, they turned out awesome too!
See ya soon!