Monday, January 14, 2008

Magnetic Park/Bird Park...whatever you call it this is the natural well that is usually in the middle of a grassy field.

Behind this building is where Tyler played t-ball last summer. He'd need a boat to go back there now.
This is the covered bridge that is in the Centennial Park.

I have just gone through the worst 10 days that I can remember. I could not get control of the burning in my feet and I was just miserable. I tried walking in the pool, kept taking my medicine for nerve pain, kept going to physical therapy and it continued to get worse. I didn't feel like scrapbooking or driving or doing anything....not even blogging. When the pain is so intense I just can't get myself interested in anything. And then on Friday the pain all of a sudden let up to a bearable amount. I wish I could understand what makes the added pain come or even what makes it leave. I had to wake Wayne up in the middle of the night several times to massage my feet. When I'm in pain the nighttime is the hardest time. I feel so all alone ... even though I know Wayne's here...I just don't want to wake him up unless it's absolutely necessary.

I hope hope hope that the pain stays at a low level today because tonight is the first design team meeting at the Memory Zone for 2008. I have looked forward to this meeting for several weeks and don't want to miss it and don't want to be in pain either. Then, I hope I' m able to do my assignments in the next few days that I get tonight.

My Dad had a biopsy in his neck on Friday. There is a mass there and the doctor's want to rule out another spot of cancer. We're hoping it was all confined in his kidney. My Dad acts so brave about it but I know he has to be a little worried. I think the hardest part of this cancer ordeal for him has been that he had to stop takng the medicine that helped his arthritis. Now his pain is so much worse but what I understand is that he has to be careful what he eats and what medicine he takes so the remaining kidney doesn't get overloaded.

Our daughter-in-law, Eutemia, and Rhebeca (9 years old) and Kaleb (2 years old) took the South Shore to Chicago last week. They all had such a good time. Eutemia had to go to the Brazilian consolate to try to iron out some mixed up paperwork. One of the stops the South Shore made a lady got on the train wearing a big fur coat and fur hat. Kaleb looked at his Mom and asked her why that bear is on the train. I have laughed over that several times...out of the mouth of babes! Kaleb has had a hard time adjusting to having a new baby sister and she has to be watched carefully so he won't hurt her. Well, this trip and being with his Mommy did him a world of good. He has even been nicer to his sister. We all decided that when Kaleb starts getting mean to Isabella againt that they would go to Chicago again:) He just need that TLC from the Mommy that was "his" before Isabella.


Kelly C. said...

I've been wondering how you've been. I know when you're not blogging you're usually hurting. I hope your pain goes away. I can't wait to see ya and catch up with you at tonight's meeting. It'll be fun to meet all of the newbies and get our first assignments of 2008.
Hang in there, Becky! I'm thinking of you and hoping you are pain free!

Charity S. said...

glad to see you were able to make it to the DT meeting.....
those are some really great pix!
Hang in there sista!

Rebecca said...

Kelly and charity, don't know if you'll look back here but thanks for the encouragement...I can use it!!