Thursday, January 03, 2008

You never know what you've got till you lose it. I'm sure we've all heard that and at times it really rings true. I've discovered it with my health...I really long for the old days when I felt well most of the time and could sing every weekend...driving myself there. Well, the last few days I've been without sound on my computer. It's just a little thing but I really missed it. I had gone into my add/delete programs and got carried away in cleaning off what I thought I didn't use and accidently vanished my sound too.

It has been snowing here the past few days. I think it started either Monday night or Tuesday night. Sitting in my nice warm home and looking at it from the inside made it look so beautiful. If I had been in my car and trying to get somewhere in a hurry wouldn't make it look so pretty. I took the above pictures out the front and back doors or our house. I thought the trees looked like a winter wonderland! The snow has stuck on the branches all week and I have just loved watching it. Today it still looked that way only the sun was shining and it was even more beautiful. This would have been a day my Grandpa Al would have loved! He appreciated the beauty of nature and passed it on through his daughters.

This weather and the snow brings back memories of our neighbor man when I was about junior high age. His name was George and he was the nicest man. He would hitch up his horses to either the sleigh or the wagon with not wheels but sleigh wheels. It was SO much fun. He had paths through his woods and would take me or me and my friends for a ride. As an adult I realize how much work that must have been to hitch up those horses and take us for rides. I wish he was still alive so I could thank him still...but since that's not possible I have to pass it on and do things for other people that goes beyond the expected.

I have been really worried about my feet this week. I am taking the highest dose of 3 different medicines for my feet and none of them can be upped. The pain has just been almost unbearable. When I was taking my pills tonight I noticed that one of the pills to ease the foot pain was missing in all the evening pills. YIPPEE!!!! I was so happy to find a reason for the added pain. I went in and added that pill for the rest of the week and tonight I feel better than I have for several days.

I'm thankful for small one little pill that packs a lot of pain relief in it!!

Poor little Kael has the stomach flu. Today he had stomach cramps and diahrrea (sp?) 10 times in just an hours time. He kept saying he just wanted to die. How sad for a little 4 year old. Thank goodness that he will get better and as a healthy child he will get better fast!

Katie took me swimming today. Tyler came along and went swimming with me. I love to ask them questions when it's just myself alone with them. I asked Tyler how old he thought I was. He thought about it for a moment and then with his hands spread out to 10 fingers he flashed them 9 times meaning I was 90 years old. I asked him then how old he thought his Mom was. He thought again and then flashed his fingers to count out 100. So, Katie is 100 and I'm 90. I told Katie and she was shocked that he thought she was older than me. I told her I thought it is probably because she has more authority over him than I do. Children can be so interesting if we just keep our opinions quiet and let them talk.

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