Monday, January 28, 2008

Kael's cast for his broken arm. He chose dinosaur's for his cast. I guess he thinks showing his cast for a picture is pretty serious business.

Kael was here for a few minutes th is afternoon and Wayne called me to come quick and bring the camera. Wayne found something unexpected in the crane. As you can tell by his big smile..Kael liked that!!

I had one of the worst mornings today that I can remember. I slept for about 4 hours straight and woke up with that familiar feeling...muscle spasms. Sometimes they are bearable but this morning they were totally unbearable pain. They were so violent that you could see them shake my whole body when they would spasm. I took my muscle relaxer but knew it would take an hour to take effect. Wayne was supposed to go out of town today and I begged him not to leave until I was feeling better. He decided to change around his day today and I was so thankful. He worked in the warehouse (which is our garage revamped) all day. We got a shipment of new cranes in and he always has to go over them and make sure everything is working properly.
He only had to leave for about 3 hours to go get the cranes this morning but waited to see that I was doing all right. I had to take another type of muscle relaxer along with the first and they finally started working but I was sleeing-unable to wake up I was worried that I took too much and asked Wayne to make sure I kept breathing. That is the danger of taking too many muscle relaxers along with the medicine in my pump. It slows the respiration and many times a person will just stop breathing.
Once I was awake this afternoon, Katie brought me a Starbucks...always a welcome treat. She had to run to the bank so I said Caden could stay here. While he was here, Jacob called me crying (our little southern grandson from Memphis) Jacob was upset because Mommy didn't know how to hook up the Nintendo game and wouldn't call Daddy at work. Caden heard me talking and
said...give me the phone. I want to talk to Jacob. They are just a few months apart and are good friends all ready at 3 years old. I heard him say I will come and fix it for you Jacob when my Mommy gets here she can bring me. There was a pause and he said...because I love you. Oh, how to tug at a Grandma's heart!!!
Now I'm gonna try to get some scrapbooking done. I's my best time of day and I really need to get some work done for my projects due this week!


Kelly C. said...

Glad you're feeling better. Here's hoping you get some major scrap booking done today!

Charity S. said...

OH my know how to make anyone feel better. Without thinking twice! What a great story! You should make a lo with that one!

I'm having sympathy pains for you...i remember having muscle spasms when i was prego. Not a fun thing to live with! Hang in there girl!