Thursday, January 24, 2008

This is my latest layout that I just finished a few minutes ago. I didn't even have to do it for the design team this time ... although one of the members put a sketch up on the design teams board for the members to try out and see how different all our layouts turn out. I love how feminine this one turned out!

Here it is 2:35am and I am wide awake. I went through with getting my tooth pulled today and it went great. My dentist offers the use of sedation and because of a bad dentist I have a lot of fear of the dentist. I am very hard to get numb and it wears off real quickly so my former dentist would get impatient and go ahead and drill and wowee! did that ever hurt

I am now remembering what novacaine does to me... I can't sleep when I've had it and because of my problem getting numb the dentist uses a LOT of novacaine! So, I am just starting to feel a little bit tired.

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Kelly C. said...

Hope you finally get some sleep!
Thinking of you!
By the way your sketch challenge layout is beautiful!