Saturday, March 01, 2008

There are certain things that you look back on and wonder what was going on in your mind. These pictures are both our middle daughter, Kristi. The picture on the right is the one I am talking about. That piece of furniture is our chest that goes with our bedroom suite. She is standing on the middle drawer and hanging on the doors and there I am taking a picture. Everytime I look at that picture my skin crawls. Thank goodness it is a heavy piece of furniture and didn't fall on her. But even saying that it's heavy and if it did fall on her I don't want to think of what could have happened. I just have to think that God spared her life many times.

The other picture is just for Kristi. She is at the point in her life now where she has a little guy making all kinds of messes and wanted her to see that she's getting her fair payback...ha ha!! I love that picture of her with chocolate all over her face, hands, and everywhere. (By the way, that was in 1976 and the wallpaper and flooring were in style, believe it or not:)

I found a company on the internet when I was searching neuropathy which is what is wrong with my feet. It is called "The Rebuilder". It is supposed to rebuild the nerves that are causing all the pain. I have had a lot of pain in my life and I think this pain in my feet is the worse pain I've had. My back still spikes into terrible pain but it still isn't anything compared to the nerve pain. This unit is supposed to rebuild those damaged nerves. I have a 30 day trial on it and if it doesn't help in 30 days I can send it back for a full refund. So far, things are just a tiny bit better. I drove myself to the scrapbook store which is a real indication that things were a little bit better. My toes and the ball of my feet are where the worst pain is and I can't stand to have anything touch them...not socks, shoes or a blanket. So, I wear crocs and as soon as I get into the scrapbook store I take my shoes off and put them in the bottom of the cart. I know people wonder what kind of wierdo I am to be going barefoot but since it helps my feet I really don't care what they think! Back to the Rebuilder....their claim is that this unit will repair the damaged nerves...I certainly hope that is true.


Kelly C. said...

OOOO! It sounds like the "REBUILDER" might be a really good thing for you, my dear! Keep us posted!
I sure hope it is the answer to your foot problems!

Debbie said...

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