Monday, March 10, 2008

I have continued to use the "Rebuilder" on my feet 2 times a day and am seeing an improvement all ready. I wonder if it's from the unit or something else?? I will continue to use it and hopefully it is living up to its claims. What a thrill to wake up without that terrible nerve pain. Wayne continues to wrap my legs and toes 3 times a day because of the lymphedema. I will have to have that done for the rest of my life....a life sentence!

This morning I got up and my whole right leg had no feeling and I had no strength in it. I used 2 canes to walk out to the kitchen and when I got to the kitchen I took a step alone on that leg and I went flying backwards and ended up on the floor. Well, I tried as hard as I could to get up and couldn't so had to crawl back to the bedroom. I kept trying to move the leg and it took about an hour to get the strength back in it. I would like to know what is causing this. It is the 2nd time it's caused me to fall and it's really scary.

Our oldest grandchild, Rhebeca, came here for the afternoon. Did I feel like having her? No, I didn't but didn't want to refuse her. I am glad she came because she really lifted my spirits and we had a great time together and did a lot of laughing...good for both of us. We tried doing several things but we ended up doing a game together on the internet... one where you have a picture and have to find objects in the picture. We had fun looking and trying to find the objects. There was a story line behind it which made it even more fun.

American Idol alert:) Just a little bit about American Idol to close this today. I pretty much agreed with the elimations last week except for one. I really hated to see Danny leave so soon. I loved his voice and liked his personality. He was really funny and Idol could use that personality! Oh well....I'll have to watch and see what happens with him. Maybe some company will sign him and he'll have a CD out in the near future!


Charity Sorrells said...

that lo is absolutely beautiful!

Kelly C. said...

I agree, beautiful!