Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our middle daughter, Kristi, is married to Eric and they have a 3 year old son and they all live in Memphis. Eric's grandmother passed away last week so they all drove to Chicago for the funeral. I was talking to Kristi today and asked her if they took Jacob in for the viewing (or wake, whichever you call it). She said they did and didn't make any big deal about it but Jacob did have two questions. 1st....he wanted to know what guys got her which gave Krist and Eric a good opportunity to explain that Grandma was old and died from being old. When he saw her in the casket he wanted to know if she could move her arms and legs...what a good time to explain these things casually and not make a big deal of it.

Late Friday afternoon I called the company that makes the machine I've been using on my feet with a couple of questions. He didn't say but I think I talked to the inventor. He was so patient and so knowlegable about the machine and I'm so glad I called!! I was using the machine wrong. I read about 3/4 of the directions when I got it and then was ready to get moving with it!! I put adhesive pads with electrodes (?) on them and hook them to this little machine...looks a lot like a tens unit. The signal is supposed to go up one leg and down the other. The way I had been doing it I was blocking the signal. Lesson learned? Read the entire directions!!

The way I understand creation is that everything has a purpose. I would like to know what purpose dust has. It sure seems like we could have dne without it!

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Kelly C. said...

About the dust... I totally agree. ANd the same with mud. With my boys and our lab this time of year is mudville!
Hope things get better with your pain controller machine now that you found out a little more about it!
By the way, this LO is outstanding! It is so beautiful with just paper and no other embellishements!