Monday, March 17, 2008

The above picture is of Isabella at just a few weeks old. Her Mommy keeps her looking so cute and it's usually in some shade of pink...that will probably be the first color she knows.

Today is the day I dread out of all the days of the week. Wayne works a very long day on Monday's. I always try to think of something to make him postpone it but it rarely works. He is the only one who knows how to wrap my legs and that is the secret to keeping my feet out of pain. He also wraps my toes in guaze...I have never figured out how or why that works to keep me out of pain when I can't even wear socks. The therapist said it's because each toe is wrapped individually instead of grouped all together. I have learned to wrap my toes but do a horrible job at it...I usually get it too tight. It's really hard to work on your own toes.

We never fully appreciate something until we lose it. This foot problem has really left me debilitated....or for easier words....can't go anywhere. It is much harder to accept and harder to deal with than the back pain. It makes the back pain look like a piece of cake.

I can't remember if I said this before but I am at the point where I'm probably going to get rid of all my shoes. I love them and it's going to be very difficult to do. I might have to give Wayne a sack and say go to it and just drop them all off at Goodwill. I cannot see a time where I will ever be able to wear them again. It looks like it will be crocs forever for me. I know there are many worse things that could happen to a person but right now this is what I am dealing with and it seems pretty yucky to me.

Don't forget to wear green today:) It was always such a big deal when I was in school to have that green on or get pinched! Happy St. Pat's Day and Happy Monday!

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Kelly C. said...

Hi Becky!
Another beautiful LO, girl!
And about the crocs, hey if they're comfortable and don't cause you pain...who cares! And they come in MANY COLORS! You can be the QUEEN of Crocville and don a pair in every color and style. Oh and don't forget the cute little JIBBITZ! ;)