Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I did this layout for a weekly contest at the scrapbook store.

Kael enjoying the easter egg hunt. He is so expressive. His smile faded later that afternoon when he didn't get to be the character he wanted to be in a game they played. I felt so sorry for him....he ended up falling and hitting the coffee table on his ear and it's all black and blue.

Isabella has made up with Wayne. I'm still trying to work my way into her life a little bit:(
Caden put his own shirt on after taking it off because it was too hot. We all tried to offer to turn it around but he liked it just the way it is.
This is taken right outside the door at Tyler and Caden's house. I tried to get one nice picture of the the two boys but finally gave up! Notice that the shirt started out the right way:)
We made up bags for Easter for the grandkids. Everybody had gotten theirs by Easter except for Isabella. We got her the sunglasses, the broom and a baby doll. We've had the baby doll for a while and I was going to use it for a bribe tool to get Isabella to come to me...haha! Kaleb grabbed these right away and put them to use. He is so jealous of her that he probably thought he was pulling one over on her.
Isabella with her new baby doll. She's just SO cute!

Kaleb with Isabella's sunglasses. Do you think he put them on by himself?
Caden is going out for the Easter egg hunt. Notice his feet...we couldn't find his shoes so he went out with just his socks.

Look at those eyes....the windows to the soul.

I thought I'd finally gotten a good one until I got in the car and saw Caden's mouth:)
I really enjoyed Easter. I felt fairly well and was able to go out to eat and go to my Mom & Dad's and see the Easter egg hunt and see my brother, his wife and their son, Connor. They live in Indianapolis but I rarely get to see them. They are just so busy with their lives. He is a doctor in psychology specializing in the brain and she is a nurse. Some of the things he tells us he's learned about the brain is fascinating. He actually turned out to be a pretty good guy instead of the little brat that I once thought he was. I was 10 years older than him and didn't welcome being dethroned at that age. He was so little and so cute and I was growing to be awkward and into that tween age that can be so difficult to feel good about yourself.

I had a pump refill yesterday and was so thrilled that the doctor listened to me about the back pain I've been having. He actually bumped me up 2 miligrams a day. That is the biggest increase he's ever given me and I can feel it today....thank you Dr. Grove:). Since it's dilaudid in the pump he has to be careful not to bump it up too high or I could have breathing problems and just stop breathing.

Don't remember if I blogged after the neurologist appointment but he bumped up the medicine for my feet and they have been quite a bit better. Every day I would call Wayne and beg him to come home and rewrap my feet because it helps my feet so much. I know it makes him feel torn but he has to work to pay the bills.

American Idol lovers....who'd you like last night? I'm so disgusted...Wayne picked David Cooke to win and I picked David Archuleta. David Cooke really did a much better job last night than David A. Wayne was right again and I'm supposed to be the one who knows music:) Tonight will be interesting who goes home. I really don't have strong sense of who it will be like a lot of times that I do. I love the group numbers....hope they do another tonight!


Kelly C. said...

Hi, Becky!
Love that LO, so beautiful, like always! And what great photos you captured on Easter, such cute little moments, like the socks for the hunt & the backwards
That Isabella is growing so fast, what a pretty little girl!
Glad to hear your med. increase is helping ease your pain! That means more scrapping for you!
Talk to you soon!
Kelly C.

Rebecca S. said...

WOW,,Becky your layout is beautiful..and they photos of the kiddos are so cute.