Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What is sweeter than a dandelion bouquet from the hands of a child? Tyler told me he wantd me to keep it forever.

If you look real close Caden had a dandlion bouquet in his hand, too. He doesn't quite have the idea of getting a little stem with the flower!

Tyler is fixing up the flowers as to make it pretty for me.

This is my latest layout. This is Jacob...our daughter's (and son-in-law)'s son. They camped in northern Florida and enjoyed the Florida beach!

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Brooke said...

Love it! So creative.

Last year I had a semi-"business" of furniture painting that I named "Dandelion Goods"--Gabe surprised me with a blog (I think it was dandeliongoods.blogspot.com or dandelion.goods.blogspot.com) and wrote a really nice explanation of why I had chosen the name. (He's good at that writing :) I don't use it or paint much furniture anymore, but your post reminded me of it because it's the same idea of how kids value the beauty in a dandelion whether the rest of us consider it a weed or not.