Monday, June 23, 2008

Every day seems interesting in its own way. This morning I had to take 2 valium for the muscle spasms. My Mom and grandson Kael came over to make sure I wasn't going to fall because that seems to be the consequence of taking those pills. I seemed fine...the spasms went away and I was feeling pretty energetic..enough to play with Kael, eat some lunch and work a little on my scrapbooking. I finally told my Mom she could go home that I was fine!

I sat down at the desk unaware that I was sleepy and started playing a game. Next thing I knew I was asleep and got a phone call from the disability attorney. I am always hoping that when they call that I am going to get the good news that my disability has been approved!! It wasn't that call. It was the monthly call to ask when I had doctor's and therapy appointments. What a disappointment. I guess I fell asleep because next thing I knew this time is that I was tipping over sitting on my heavy leather desk chairand me and the chair both ended up on the floor. I was scared to death. I also couldn't get up. I knew Wayne was out of town but I reached up to get the phone off my desk. Thank goodness that it was there because I'm notorious for taking the cordless phone to another room and leaving it there. I almost always keep my cell phone in my pocket in case I fall but you guessed it...not today:) Wayne called his parents and my Mom. His parents got here first and helped me get up. I mainly needed someone to hold onto the walker. Even though the brakes were on it would move when I tried to get up. It was a struggle but I made it up. I fell on my back and it was spasming at the time. Just as I got up, my Mom walked in the door. I kept thinking that his just isn't right. I should be helping any one of them. They must worry about who's going to take care of them when they get in this condition. Who knows? Maybe I'll be well by then:) That's one thing that would be really be difficult for me is to see my parents or in-laws needing help and we or I can't do it!

My Mom stayed and helped me get ready for my therapy appoinment. She washed and blow dried my hair. I got dressed and we were off for therapy. I went to the same lady that helped me so much with my feet. She was so good to me back then. This time she seemed a little brusk (is that a word?) and rather rough on what she expected of me. One of the most painful positions I can do is to lay on my stomach and she had me lay on my stomach the entire time. I guess I would have expected things to be a bit more gradual. She made it seem like this whole back problem was my I'd done something wrong. She wouldn't answer my questions...just ignored me. She acted the same way to my Mom. Wayne says to quit and go elsewhere and that's what I'm thinking at the time. We see my pain doctor on Wednesday and I think I will mention it to him and see what he thinks I should do.

When I came home Wayne was here. I was SO glad to see him and tell him all about it. I fell asleep and slept for 3 1/2 hours....I even slept through supper!

Tomorrow is another day...we'll see what that holds.


Kristi said...

Mom, I'm sorry you had to go through this! I wish I was closer to help you!! I just booked our train tickets to come and visit! See you in 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!

Kelly C. said...

Hi Becky!
It sounded like your day started off good and took a turn for the worse. Sorry to hear of your struggles. Thank goodness for your parents help! It looks like you've got some scrapping done too! That always makes you feel better.
Take care & I'll see ya soon!