Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My health seems to be the topic as of lately. Believe me, I would like it to be anything but my health. Today I had 2 doctor appointments.

1st appointment was with my family doctor. He seemed perplexed with the situation. He thinks the only thing for me to do is to go to some sort of a rehab center to get the drugs looked at and get an exercise program going. He said I am on way too many medications...but, guess who gave me 90% of those medications? He did! That's what is frustating. It's so easy to blame it on the patient. I will say that he listened to and responded to our questions.

The 2nd appointment was with the pain doctor. This appointment was just plain frustrating. He didn't answer even one question or listen to anything we had to say. He had his own area of interest and just kept going on that way!

I am so discouraged tonight. Just frustrated!


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Kelly C. said...

Becky, Sorry to hear of your frustrations. I've often wondered how many meds you were actually on...AND if maybe they were mixing together and CAUSING some of the problems with your health. I know you frequently complain of exhaustion and know it is a very common side effect of so many meds. I sure hope that Dr.'s Hospital brings you clarity in solving some of that mystery.
And don't you hate it when you have so many questions and the Dr.'s just don't seem to answer you or they have their own agenda?
Anyway, I sure missed seeing you at the DT meeting last night. R said you had fallen recently. Not good news to hear. Are you OK?
Hope to hear from you soon!