Monday, July 07, 2008

Well, I thought I had these muscle spasms under control and then yesterday (Sunday) I had them all day long no matter what I took or what I did. It was so discouraging. I was even getting some scrapbooking done the day before and try as I might I couldn't continue on Sunday. I had to cocmpletely redo the scrapbook page above....the picture was crooked and it threw off the look of everything. I am very pleased with the look now. I tried to scrapbook today but kept falling asleep from the anti-seizure medication and even got an imprint from my on my face from my "Cricut" machine from falling asleep and my face ending my on the machine.
Now, it Monday morning and I am far! I'm just cringing thinking that they might start soon any time.
Steve, Katie and Tyler and Caden spent the weekend at the campgrounds. We have our motorhome parked there for them and they help with the maintenance while it's there. If we're not driving it, someone may as well be getting some good out of it. Well, Steve & Katie have no goo place to ride a bike at their house so while they were there, Tyler learned how to ride a 2-wheel bike. I guess he just took off in his bike!! He had forgotten his transformers blanker that he sleeps with at my Mom & Dad's house and my mom left it here for him. He was so glad to see his blanket that he told his mom "that really lifted me down" to get my blanket. How cute!!


Kelly C. said...

I can't believe you re-did this whole page, Becky! You are quite the scrap booking perfectionist...JK! Hope you are feeling better and those spasms settle down.
Thank you for the cassette. I'll be listening to it soon!

charity.sorrells said...

You are one die-hard Cricut fan...sleeping on your machine!! Teehee!! You know i'm kidding right>?! Glad you feel beeter so far! Missed you at the last meeting girly!

Anonymous said...

Charity and Kelly, I know you're kidding and I like your upbeat humor...I need that:) Hope to be at the next meeting...last week was the only one I've missed since I started on the DT 1 1/2 years ago!