Wednesday, July 09, 2008

I took this pictue of Isabella about a week ago. She is one year old!

After a 2 day-10-12 hour drive from Memphis Jacob felt like going outside and kicking a ball around with Grandpa Wayne.

T This picture was taken of Isabella by a professional photographer for her year old pictures! I can't believe that little baby is a year old all ready!

Kristi and Jacob arrived here safely from Memphis. This is the first time she has driven here and got along just fine. They were going to take the train and found a great price. When she went to book it the pr ice had almost doubled!

Today was the first day without muscle spasms. I read over my entry from a day ago and couldn't believe how many mistakes there were. I guess that's what happens when I'm in pain and on the muscle relaxers. They relax the muscles AND they relax me too.

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Kelly C. said...

Wahoo! You're back to YOU!
And what great pictures! Your grandkids are simply adorable! Can't believe your Isabella is 1!!!
Seems like just yesterday you were an anxiously awaiting her arrival...