Saturday, August 02, 2008

Last night was one I was excited about. It was a design team meeting...potluck dinner...and we were there to crop till midnight.

I also had physical therapy yesterday and she pushed me more than usual. I felt the muscle burn but I'm also beginning to be aware that I'm leaning to the right and I feel some muscles getting a little bit stronger.

Therapy was at 3:30 and by the time we were done and I got dressed, got home and got my stuff ready to go we left at 6:00 and that's what time the meeting started. I said I was going to bring chicken so we still had to go to Penguin Point (my favorite chicken place) and get the chicken I was about a half hour late. I don't like being late...I'd rather be early but things don't always work out that way.

I got very warm at the scrapbook store and actually went through 4 wash cloths wiping the sweat off my face. I wouldn't expect them to keep the store at 66-68 like I do at home but being used to the cooler temps it makes it hard for me to adjust to a warmer temperature. I saw that my friend, Kelly, was packing up to go home at 10:00 so asked her if she would take me home too and thankfully she did. I hate to ask for favors but was feeling really kind of sick to my stomach from being so warm. Thank you Kelly for the ride home!!

The chicken was a hit. I think there might have been 1 piece out of 21 pieces left. I got 2 pieces for Wayne out of the bucket before he left and I am sure he enjoyed it.

Today I'm feeling the hurt from muscles that we awakened yesterday but it's a good hurt...not like nerve pain in my feet or like the back pain I have.

You'll have to check out our daughter's blog. They are traveling to Arizona for her husband's Grandfather's funeral on Monday. She is trying to post about their trip every evening. It's really nice to check on their progress as they travel.

The diaper covers that Isabella modeled yesterday are a big hit. Some boutiques have ordered 30 of them so far! Eutemia has been working on cutting them out and then she'll get to sew them all.

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Kelly C. said...

You are welcome, Becky!
Anytime I can help a friend...I'm there!
That chicken was yummy!
Hope you're feeling better.

Those diaper covers are the cutest darn thing I've seen for babies in a long time. I wish her continued success! Keep posting if there's any new colors. (No babies 'round here right now...but they're so cute!)