Sunday, February 12, 2006

Kaleb at the movie

Wayne and I got to experience Kael and Kaleb's first movie at the theater yesterday. Alan and Eutemia, Kael, Kaleb, Wayne and I went to see Curious George.

Kael really enjoyed the movie. He sat on Alan's lap eating popcorn most of the movie. The last 5-10 minutes he got a little restless but the rest of the movie he barely moved.

Kaleb was such a good boy at the movie. He is always happy sitting on his Mommy's lap. He's pretty much in love with his Mommy right now. It will be nice when he's ready to reach out a little to others and feel comfortable with us but for now he's just a little guy who wants Mommy.

We all decided that Kaleb looks like Curious George and Kael acts like him!

Wayne didn't think he'd enjoy the movie at all. He thought a cartoon wouldn't be much fun to see but I noticed him laughing several times during the movie. It was a real cute story that kept your attention.

I get to take Tyler to the same movie today. I think he'll like it and probably will relate to Curious George.

Kael on Alan's

Kael and Grandpa Wayne

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