Saturday, March 25, 2006

Caden and Tyler came to our house last night for several hours so their parents could go out to eat and have a peaceful meal:) The first picture is of Tyler...he loves to bounce around on this little bouncy ball...he also likes to get carried away having accidents with the ball!

The next two pictures are of Caden having fun with my potpourri. Caden and Kael both think that my potpourri is balls. They love to get it out and play with it as you can see Caden doing in the picture. He would take it out last night and put it in the toy that kind of spins around and then he would stand there and was so cute!!

When I found out they were coming over I made them up plates for supper. They had meatloaf, tri-color carrots and rice and neither one would touch a bite. They were too excited about playing so I ended up sending home the plates of food.

My stomach has been very upset now for more than a week. Now that I think about it and have done some research I think it's the new blood pressure medicine. I was up all night long with stomach cramps and I don't think I had the flu at all last was the medicine. I called the doctor's office this morning to try to get a different kind of medicine. These side effects are not acceptable. (I got that saying from the Nanny911 show:)

Not much news on the American Idol front. Randy, Paula and Simon are on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine and there is an article in the magazine about them. And, Kevin, who got kicked off last week said that he was roommates with Bucky and that he's happy for Bucky that he gets to continue on.

This week was probably one of the hardest to get booted off. The top 10 now will be going on tour this summer and will get to take home a good amount of profits from the tour. Kevin will now miss out on that it's very gracious for him to say he's happy for Bucky.

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