Friday, March 10, 2006

I think that after I explain my day today you might understand a little better why it's so hard to know how to answer when someone says How are you doing? I would love to say I'm doing just great but that's just not the case yet. It seems like I'm in a merry-go-round of poor health and I just can't get off no matter how hard I try.

Earlier today I was feeling so tired and just couldn't figure out why I can't get more energy than what I have. I took my blood pressure and pulse and it's no wonder I'm tired. The low number on the blood pressure is still running 90-95...hopefully it will take a little more time for the extra medicine to take effect. And, my pulse is averaging 120 when resting and goes up to about 150 when I'm doing taking a shower and getting dressed.

So, today I went to see my family doctor again and he wants me to stop taking the 2nd thyroid medicine and also stop taking the provigil (for energy) for 2 weeks. In two weeks time I am to try the provigil again and if my blood pressure and heart rate go up again I am to not take the provigil at all.

When Wayne got home he wanted to go to the new chinese restaurant and I told him that's fine as long as there's no line. Of course, the line was completely out the door. So, we drove over to Ponderosa and there was a big line there. I told Wayne...I can just make a pizza at home...I just need a few things from Kroger.

I got home and started making the pizza right away because I was starved. Our favorite is to grill mushrooms and red and yellow peppers. I got the red peppers all sliced and as I was slicing the yellow peppers I sliced right through my right index finger. I had thought this knife was a little dull but no way! I cut clear through my fingernail and my finger...almost to the bone. Wayne and I both thought it needed stitches so we drove to the ER.

You know you've been to the ER too much when the nurses recognize you:( The nurse got my vitals and I showed him my finger. He thought it needed stitches and that the nail would have to come off. But, there was at least a two hour wait. We waited for about an hour and asked how much longer and they said all 7 rooms are full and 3 critical patients just came in. So, I decided to call the doctor that was on call for my family doctor's office. He called back and I explained the cut to him...told him that it stopped bleeding and was no longer gaping open. He asked me how deep I thought it was and then said I probably didn't need stitches. I was thrilled to get to come home!!...and Wayne was beyond thrilled...he never complains but I'm sure it wasn't the way he wanted to spend his Friday night.

We came home and finished making the pizza...except Wayne did the cutting.

So, when someone are you? It's hard to know exactly what to say...I'm sure they don't want to hear what I just wrote....

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