Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yesterday I predicted that today would be a bad day for me physically and I was right. Everytime I take a water pill it does the same thing...makes me weak and feeling just lousy. This may sound like a contradiction but I took a trial pill of the provigil that is to give me energy and keep me from feeling so sleepy. Even tho I didn't feel well I was much more alert and awake. I am so thrilled to find something to help with the sleepiness. I may eventually get to living the same time schedule as most people. Right now I getup around 10 or 11 and go to sleep around 1-2 in the morning. That's not a normal schedule and interferes with trying to get things scheduled. No one wants to make an appointment at 10:00pm:)

Rhebeca called tonight to tell me she lost her 2nd front tooth on top. I called Alan after I talked to her and told him to be sure and get her picture with her front teeth missing. She will look so different when her permanent teeth start to grow in!

When I was with Katie and the boys yesterday afternoon Tyler had a back scratcher. He told me he had gotten it free on his vacation in Florida. I asked him if he was using it a lot to scratch his back and his Mom answered telling me he uses it a lot but he uses it for pounding on things. What a typical boy! They have such a different mindset than adults and we all need to remember how differently the world looks to a 5 year old.

Now, for my opinion on American Idol...if you're not a fan you can stop reading:)

I agreed with a couple of the people that went home and disagreed with some. I'll just give my opinion of the ones that got voted off tonight....

Kinnik Sky....Kinnik's time was limited from the beginning. AI didn't do any taping of her before she made it to the top 24. When they do this the contestants never have a chance. She is a very classy lady with a decent voice. I think she was one of the sacrificial people so the favorites would be sure to make it to the top 12.

Ayla Brown...How could you not feel sorry for this girl when all she wanted to do is sob? She could hardly keep it under control. She didn't have the best voice but I think her biggest problem was her song choice. It just didn't fit her well at all.

Will Maker...What a mature young man. He is only 17 years old with wisdom and poise beyond his years. He has a nice voice that will only get better with time.

Gedeon McKinney...He is the one that was robbed tonight. (in my opinion) There are 2 boys that should have gone before Gedeon. He is also only 17 but seems so much older because of his mature attitude. He is from Memphis and Kristi said they have done a lot of airtime on him in Memphis. He comes from a very poor section of Memphis and has been singing in a band for some time. This guy should make a living with his music...he is fantastic!! (again, in my opinion) He should never have gone before Kevin!

Next week will be quite interesting. The idols will all be getting a clothing allowance and help in picking out their outfits. They should all be looking better and more stylish. It will be quite interesting to see what they can do with Kevin. And, have you noticed that Taylor's hair is getting darker every week? If they colored it all at one time it would be too big of a change but I think they are making him a little less grey as the weeks go by. It will also be interesting to see if that continues. Maybe I'm just seeing things but it sure looks to me like he is getting darker hair!

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