Monday, March 13, 2006

The picture is Rhebeca. She lost her 2nd front tooth a couple of days ago. I told her she was a little early to sing the song..."All I want for Christmas is my two front teef..." She thought she could change the Christmas in the song to sing "All I want for Easter is my two front teef..."

Any little change made to my health is major to my body. All I did today is sleep. When I saw the doctor last week he told me to get off the Cytomel which was the thyroid medication and also stop taking the provigil for 2 weeks to see if my heart will bec0me a more normal pulse and blood pressure. Both the medicines I am to stop taking were to give me more energy so I'm really feeling it today.

I have felt so badly for several days now after hearing my brothers wife has breast cancer. It is at stage 2. I feel so bad that as a mother of a young child that she will have to go through so much many things that can change her energy level and make her feel lousy. We just never know what life is going to throw at us. Please keep her and my brother in your prayers.

Tyler spent the night Saturday night. We enjoyed him SO much. He is just a delightful little boy and tries very hard to please us.

Then Sunday morning when Tyler's Mom picked him up she left Kael with us. He is our 2 year old grandson. I have a picture of him from when he was here that is really cute but will post it tomorrow.

When Kael got picked up Rhebeca stayed here for a couple of hours. I enjoyed her a lot too but was beginning to get very exhausted. I pushed with Beca as hard as I could. We scrapbooked and played American Idol making several trips to the basement to get one thing or the other. I just glad I got to see her for a while.

Tomorrow is American Idol...the top 12! It will be on the big stage with a bigger audience. I always enjoy it when it gets to this part of the competition but feel so sorry when they get voted off one by one! I don't really have a strong favorite like I did last year...just a few that I have liked so far.

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