Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Kael got to spend time at our house all by himself for the first time on Sunday. We were excited to have him here. I saw on a TV show this week that there is something every 4 year old does 437 times a's ask a
question. If a 4 year old asks it 437 times a day then a 2 year old like Kael with a questioning mind asks "What's that?" at least that many times. The picture here is Kael looking at the register in our house asking "What's that??"

I love his inquisitive mind and love watching him learn and be so interested in his environment.

I finally had a decent day today. I had enough energy to go get a prescription and then was planning on going to the grocery store. Wayne needed to deliver a crane and fix a crane before he took me to the store but on his way to fix the crane our van broke down...again:( Both of our vans have over 200,000 miles on them and we have been babying them along the best we can. We don't have the finances right now to make a car payment. So, Katie picked up Wayne and brought him home and my Mom took me to the store and I got just what we needed for tonight....hopefully I can make the trip to the grocery store tomorrow!

The main reason I had a decent day is because I took my last provigil pill. The doctor told me to wait two weeks but when they're sitting right beside me and I know they'll give me energy it's hard to avoid....they're gone now so tomorrow I have to find another way to get some energy!

Anyone that reads this, please pray for my brother and his wife...Jeff and Andrea. She just found out she has breast cancer and it is stage 2 cancer. Our family is just in shock and our hearts are all heavy knowing what Andrea faces...chemo, surgery and probably radiation.

One more story about Kael's visit...I wanted to download a picture but it won't work and I'm getting sleepy. Kael got so excited about this little fly that he saw on the sliding glass door. He wanted to catch it but every time it touched his hand he thought it bit him. He has had some bugs that he carries around the house at his house and at one time had a ladybug that he carried around for a while and then decided to give it a bath in soap and water....he said the bug went to sleep. Kael is a typical little boy that is fascinated by bugs!

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