Thursday, March 02, 2006

This is Jacob...Kristi and Eric's 17 month old son. Kristi has been on weight watchers to try to get rid of the "baby" weight. She tries to get up early before Jacob is up and has her quiet time eating her oatmeal. Well, yesterday Jacob got up when Kristi did and she gave him his breakfast (not oatmeal) and sat down to eat her oatmeal. He begged for the oatmeal and she gave it to him against her better judgement. This is how Jacob ended up looking after he ate. I wonder how much actually got inside:) They had to go to MOPS yesterday and Kristi said they were short on time but Jacob definately needed a bath so Kristi had to go without her shower to get there in time. I told her that of all 6 grandchildren I think Jacob enjoys his food the most and gets the messiest. Of course, by the time they're this age they won't have any part of being fed...they want to do it themselves.

The swelling in my feet and ankles was down this morning. But, I was drained of energy all day long from the water pill. It always does that to me but sometimes when the swelling is bad I just have to take it. The pain is still so much better since the last pump increase. I still have pain but I can get out of pain much more easily and without taking any medication most of the time.

The final to Skating With Celebrities was on after American Idol and my favorite couple came in 2nd. They did a great job though. I read a rumor that the other couple ended up being a real couple. He left his pregnant wife to be with the celebrity he was paired with. I guess that's one of the reasons I didn't want them to win. The other one is I just love to watch John Zimmerman skate. He has such an artistic look to his skating..acts like he really feels it and he seems like such a nice guy.

They lost another four people on American Idol tonight. No big surprises really. Gone are Brenna Gethers, Heather Cox (who I heard is the daughter of one of the Blackwood Brothers), David Radford and Sway Penala. I read a real interesting article today about Katharine MePhee. There was a big scuttle about her possibly resigning from Idol. The American Idol boards were buzzing about it all day Tuesday! What really happened is she is exhausted and her family lives in Los Angeles so she requested to go home and rest for a few hours. The other contestants threw a fit because they are too far from home to go home and rest. Katharine's mother told the executives of Idol that if they don't let her rest she will see that Katharine gets a medical doctor to write a health release and get out of her contract. Katharine was there both nights without any hint of resigning so they must have gotten things worked out. I thought that little tidbit was pretty interesting.

Katie, Steve and the boys are returning home from Florida tomorrow. Anyone reading this, please pray for their safety. I have really missed them this week. Tyler usually spends at least one day with me during the week and Katie usually takes me to WalMart a couple times a week. I could go by myself but I really enjoy being with Katie, Tyler and Caden. She also can run errands while I sit in the car with the boys. We have fun playing little games and singing. When it's warmer outside Tyler likes to open up the sun roof and stand up in it and pretend he's shooting monsters...typical boy.

Kael got to spend about 20 minutes at our house this afternoon. He ran right to the toy room and the toys were like new ones to him because he doesn't play here very often. Usually when he comes with his Mom & Dad he wants to paint and I try to let him because I want their time here to be fun. Before he left he went out to the kitchen because I have a drawer they all get into to get snacks. I had just bought some gummy dinosaurs for Tyler because he's allergic to chocolate and Kael was thrilled to take home a bag of gummies! He enjoys his time in Plymouth because he can be the center of attention. All children need to feel like the "special one" at times of their life.

My Grandma Cecile and Aunt Helen Ruth always did such a good job of making Kristi feel special. I think they knew that her place as middle child in the family was a hard one and they made sure to do special things for her. I remember one Labor Day when they took her to the Blueberry Festival to have her face painted and how good she felt when she came back. Helen Ruth, if you ever get on a computer and read this...thank you!! from me and from Kristi. We all need our family to balance things out in life and I have appreciated my family and Wayne's family for the help they have given.

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