Wednesday, March 01, 2006

This is sure a nice looking crane machine, wouldn't you think? We just bought 5 brand new ones and Wayne set them out in locations around northern Indiana. We started getting calls every day that they were out of order. In less than a weeks time 4 our of the 5 are broken. Wayne has had to drive to Indianapolis and buy 5 different cranes and go pull the 5 on location and replace them with the new cranes. And, on top of it, when we send them back they were going to charge a 20% restocking fee. Wayne has since talked them down to a 10% stocking fee but it just doesn't seem right. And, it's no wonder Wayne has come home exhausted every night so far this week. These cranes are no easy feat to load in and out of the car.

My day went about like the crane situation. I woke up with my feet swollen twice the normal size. My legs, hands and face feel swollen too. So, I thought I better get back into the doctor. (I had been trying to anyway, this week) I called at 8:00 and there was nothing. They told me to call back late morning and she said they had a 2:50 and just as she went to book it someone else took the appointment. I'm back to having no clue as to what's causing this. And, I'm back discouraged again. I had two decent days in a row and now this again.

Kristi called me this morning from her home in Memphis and said it was going to be 70 degrees there today. So, when she got Jacob dressed she put a short sleeved shirt on him. She said he spent the morning tugging at his sleeves and trying to get them down on his arm like his winter shirts are.

Katie called from Florida and said they had just watched a beautiful sunset. They called Tyler out on the porch and told him to look at the sunset. He took a quick peek and said...Wow, that's a doozey and ran off to what he had been doing. At least he's learning it's appropriate behavior to make the other person think you're interested.

I watched American Idol again last night and the top 10 girls sang. They did a pretty lousy job except for a couple of them. favorite...sang first and I thought her high notes were pretty squeaky...and she just didn't do as good on her song. Then was Kinnik and for some reason I just don't like her voice. The best of the night were Mandisa, Melissa and Paris. I had been excited about Lisa but when you listen to her sing a whole song she goes flat several times during the song. She will most likely get better as her voice gets some maturity...she's only 16 years old after all. Lastly, Brenna is just plain annoying but I wouldn't be surprised if the producers are telling her to ham it up and talk back to the judges.

I read some article on the internet today that says American Idol chooses some people who really aren't very good singers for the top 24 and they are the sacrificial lambs. That way their favorites are never in danger. It sure appears they did that this year.

Tonight is the guys turn. I'll be there listening in an hour and 10 minutes!

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