Sunday, March 05, 2006

This picture is Kaleb (on the left) and Kael (on the right). They are Alan and Eutemia's sons. Kael is 2 and Kaleb is 7 months.

Kael drew the picture that is below their picture. It is incredibly good for a two year old. It is a picture of a whale and if you will notice there is the blow spout, a mouth, eyes and a tail. Today while he was taking a bath he drew another whale and 3 letters. He has liked to draw for some time and has been drawing little tiny marks in his pictures that takes a lot of fine motor skills. Maybe he'll be the artist of the family.

It is so good to have Katie and her family back from Florida. Tyler spent about 4 hours here yesterday and we had such a good time. I saw him today for just a few minutes. He was in the car while his Mom ran in the house so I took Tyler and Caden some fruit snacks. Caden gave me a kiss and I asked Tyler for one too (didn't want him to feel left out) and he told me he had just run out of kisses. That's what he always likes to say when he wants left alone...I think it's a pretty inventive way to say it!

What can I say about my health? I still have little to no energy. Everything I do takes so much effort. I'm finally ready to call the doctor and see if he'll write me a prescription for provigil. So many of the people that have a pump have to take the provigil. I don't remember what it's like to wake up in the morning and to actually feel like doing something. Even showering is such a huge thing for me!

Tuesday is my stress test. I'll be glad to get that behind me and know if there's anything wrong with my heart. Then I can finally start on getting my teeth fixed. I have a chip out of one of my upper front teeth. It's not real big but I'm very self-conscious about it.

If you are not a fan of American Idol you can stop reading now...............
Won't be long now till American Idol starts a whole new week. I think it's another 4 hours this week...but I've been known to be wrong at least once in my life. So...the newest American Idol news is that Chris Daughtry has been offered the role as lead singer for the rock group "Fuel". He sang a song by Fuel last week. Anyway, the person who wrote about this heard it from an interview given by Randy Jackson. He let it slip that Fuel had offered Chris this position. According to the lady who writes the blog where I get my news is that she thinks Chris should jump ship and do it ..NOW! That is, if what Randy says is true. If he continues on at AI, they will have all the say over what kind of record he makes and what music is on it. She also said that AI could be setting Chris up for the win. They do this early on in the competition by saying little things to them like they said last Simon telling him that he is the only one that is market-ready and could record and make a hit right now. Also by going on talk shows and letting a name slip out who they think will be the winner. I remember seeing Simon on Regis & Kelly last year and before the finale 24 ever sang he said Carrie Underwood would be the probable winner. It looked like early on this year they were setting up Ace as the winner but it looks like they may want the top two to be Ace and Chris. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Ace better do a LOT better this week or he may be out before the final 12.

Also news from the four that left this week here are what they said on Access Hollywood...

David Radford said that he needs a date for the prom this year and hopes someone that sees him on TV will give him a call. He obviously doesn't know how popular he will be when he gets home:)

Brenna is obviously living in lala land somewhere. She wants to pursue her acting career. She wants her producers to be Larry David, Steven Spielberg and Wood Allen. She will not be going back home to White Plains, New York because of the mobs of people who would obviously follow her there. I sure hope she is trying to be funny....if not she's gonna be one disappointed girl!

Heather said in a MTV article that she was totally confused by what Paula said when asked if she or Kinnik were going home. She I am at the most important moment of my career and Paula spouts off about one of them eating pizza and the other eating salad. Heather said she still has no idea about what she was saying....I don't think those of us at home knew either.

When Sway was standing there with Kevin waiting to hear who got voted off Paula made another bizarre comment....she said...The moth who finds the melon always finds the cornflake...always finds the melon and one of you didn’t pick the right fortune." Sway said at first he thought maybe it was a racist comment but just decided to believe it was for interest and what it takes to make good TV.

Did you notice last week how the judges all put down Taylor's performance? And, even tho I like Ace...his performance wasn't the best last week and the judges really built it up. These are the things they do to try to manipulate the vote. Watch them this week and see if you can see it. I promise not to write so much all the time about American Idol but thought these few tidbits were interesting.

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