Monday, March 06, 2006

Today was a really busy day for me...unlike many of my days! I picked Tyler up from nursery school and he spent the afternoon with me. We really a good time together. We played games and ate ice cream and talked...not much different than a friend my own age would be. He talked a lot about his trip to Florida. It was a really nice time for all of them.

The doctor called in a prescription for Provigil but the insurance is refusing to pay for it so far. That is so disappointing. I would love to have something that would give me some more energy. It gets frustrating being so exhausted ALL the time. Anything I do takes a tremendous amount of effort.

Tomorrow is my stress test. I don't know why but I'm a little nervous about the test. I just don't like losing control of my own body. But, it has to be done and I sure can't walk on a treadmill with my back the way it is.

I haven't been able to find any spoilers for tomorrow's American Idol. Last week they were able to find out what the contestants were singing but no such luck this week. The only news I've found out is Bo Bice will be singing Thursday night and there will be a new American Idol show starting on March 16th. It will be on Fox Reality TV and show an hour of behind the scenes with the idols. Sounds pretty interesting. I know Direct TV carries that channel but not sure about some of the cable compainies.

The picture of the church is Kristi, Eric & Jacob's church in Memphis It is actually one of the smaller churches in the area and to me it's huge! We have noticed that almost all the churches in the Memphis area are HUGE!! They are like a city within a city. Wayne and I loved the church Kristi & Eric went to before this one but haven't been to this one as much...only for Jacob's dedication. Kristi has been very accepted and has made some really good friends here at this church. I appreciate the people that befriend her and help her out since her family isn't close enough to help her.

Kristi spent from Friday afternoon to Saturday night in the church with lots of teenagers. I think she said there were 250-275 teens there for the night. They came for a "fasting party." Most of them were able to fast for 30 hours. Kristi stayed with the group that needed to eat something due to health issues. There was a lot presented about the hungry/starving people in the world. It sounded very impressive. They were told it takes only $1 a day to feed a hungry child and I think she said $10 a week for a family. Can you imagine feeding our families for $10 a week? I think it's really good to make these kids aware that there are many less fortunate than we are here in this country. I cannot imagine watching a baby die from hunger...or any child for that matter. We all need to be made aware of the injustices in the world so we can do our part to help.

Rhebeca called me on Sunday and we talked for about an hour or more. She finds plenty to talk about and I think she is one of the sweetest little girls I have ever been around and I'm lucky enough to be her Grandma. She and I used to be members of a web site called ksolo. You can go to their site and record with their prerecorded music. It even has the scrolling scene like you would see in the bigger karaoke places. We had stopped using it so I canceled out our account in about November 2005. Yesterday she told me she was ready to start recording again. If you'd like to go to the site and hear some of the music either from us or someone else the site address is My user name is rstockman and I don't think you'll need the password to listen to songs. I don't really want to post my password on the internet. If you would like the password, please email me and I will send it to you. My email is

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