Saturday, April 22, 2006

I had to go to the doctor again yesterday. My feet swelled up almost double the size and the calves of my legs were beet red. I had little bumps that itched really bad on the inside of my elbows. The doctor walked in the room and said what's going on with you now? I told him that I have the weirdest problems and he had to agree. He thinks it's an allergic reaction to something and I told him I'd been using a new cream on my legs. My friend, Andrea, that visited me a couple weeks ago brought the lotion to me and I loved it mostly because she picked it out for me. He said to stop using it and go back to the Aveena. No lotions at all for the next week until it clears up a little bit.

He put me on prednisone (steroids) and now I'm starving all the time and can't sleep more than a couple of hours. It is helping the itching a little bit all ready and the swelling is starting to go down just a little. I could tell because my shoes went on a little easier today.

Tyler went with me to the doctor. He played in the waiting room at the little toy area. He got so noisy and wouldn't quiet down so I had to think quick on how to distract him. He said he was a steam engine train and they can't be quiet. I saw a Highlights magazine on the table and remembered they have a page of real thought provoking questions in it. His Mom loved it when I used to ask them to her. He acted uninterested at first but before long he was standing by me begging for the next question.

We went to the pharmacy to pick up my prednisone after the doctor's and it's one that has a drive-up outside but he wanted to go inside and see what was in there that would interest him. When we got in there he saw a Hostess cupcake and wanted it so I gave him a dollar to take it up to the cash register himself. I heard him tell the lady at the counter that..."This cupcake sure looks yummy so I just had to buy it." I could tell she thought he was pretty cute.

American Idol news...There is a rumor going around that Katharine McPhee will be the one voted off this week. They said the 6th person in the last few years has been a real shocker. I don't know how people think it will be Katharine....I sure hope it isn't!!

One last thing. ....I met with the dietician this week. I really liked her and this week was all history taking and I had to decide which diet I wanted to go on. She has two choices. I could choose either to calorie count completely or go with the medfast program. The shakes with the medfast are full of vitimins and minerals that the body needs whether dieting or eating a well balanced meal. I chose the Medfast option where I drink 4 shakes a day and eat 2 regular meals. I decided on the Medfast plan for several reasons and they are

#1-- the shakes are sweet and I crave sweets often
#2--when I'm not feeling well Wayne can make a shake for me but he'd never try to cook
#3--there is a little faster weight loss with the medfast choice

Since it will not be completely shakes and I can eat 2 regular meals a day I think it will be a good diet and I'm really excited about starting. I meet with her again this Thursday when she will go over the food plan and explain the shakes. It will feel so good emotionally to get some weight off and since I'll be paying for this I think it will make me accountable to keep on it. Wayne even said he'd like to try it with me. Just think...before long people won't even know who we are:)

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