Thursday, April 20, 2006

The pictures are from the Easter egg hunt. The Picture 1 is Kael hunting for eggs. It's hard being the youngest one in the hunt...the older ones had all ready run around and found all the eggs. Picture 2 is Rhebeca and Tyler ready to hunt eggs. And picture three... Rhebeca wanted me to be sure and put the picture of her Mom in the ears and sunglasses in my blog. You can see, she's also holding an American Idol microphone!

The last three days I have been having an allergic reaction to somthing. The only thing I have done different is to go to the park with Tyler, Caden and my Mom. Tyler had to go to the bathroom and the doors were still padlocked from winter so we walked into the woods for him to go behind a tree. I am wondering if I could have gotten something from one of the weeds. My feet are also swollen almost double the size. And, it makes me feel pretty awful!!

I go to see my family doctor for the 2nd time this week because whatever I have is not going away.

There was no big shock on American Idol last night when Ace Young was sent home. He started out on his American Idol journey with people singing his praises and after a couple of poor performances many people turned on him and disliked him. He did get the publicity he needed and will probably make it in either singing, acting or many people think he should model. It's always interesting to see what kind of offers they start getting.

A few days after Mandisa got voted off she got a call from Steven Spielburg. Don't know if he had an offer but that's the kind of publicity these kids get on that show. I wouldn't be surprised if she can make it in the Christian music business.

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