Monday, April 17, 2006

I have trouble getting captions with the pictures. So here is the order and names of the grandchildren in the pictures.
Top-- Kaleb, 2nd-- Rhebeca and Tyler
3rd-- Kael
4th-- Caden

A good portion of the family was able to get together for lunch on Easter. The only ones missing were Kristi, Eric and Jacob and my brother Jeff , his wife Andrea and their son Connor due to the chemo treatments she is receiving. We missed those that weren't there and enjoyed the ones that were there!!

The kids all looked so cute in their Easter outfits. I remember how special it was to have a new dress and shoes for Easter. It's been a few years but I can still remember feeling so proud of how I looked!! We met at Swan Lake Golf Academy for lunch and there was a huge and delicious buffet. The favorite food for the kids was a chocolate fountain with all kinds of things to put the chocolate on. The older two were taking orders and getting us all anything chocolate we wanted. We all went to my Mom & Dad's house afterwards for an Easter egg hunt. They all ran so fast looking for eggs that it was hard to get their picture:)

I get so frustrated with overheating. Dr. Grove said it is not the morphine but I talked to my family doctor today and he said it couldn't be anything but the morphine. It was so warm in the restaurant yesterday and it made me miserable. I could hardly even enjoy my food. I think I'm going to look for one of those little fans for times like yesterday. I can cool off if there is air movement. I can imagine how popular the fan would be with the grandkids:)

I saw the family doctor today for a recheck on my blood pressure. It is doing fine...although the heart rate is still elevated. He doesn't want to change it now since I'm doing well at the moment. He said the stomach problems are all from acid reflux. That was much better news that something majorly wrong.

I went to the park today with my Mom and Tyler and Caden. The boys had so much fun running, climbing, sliding and playing. It is so much fun to watch them play and enjoy themselves. Children have such a sense of freedom about them when they are playing like that.

American Idol should be good tomorrow night. They will be singing the songs on Rod Stewart's newest CD. They are all old classic songs. There are 4 CD's they can choose their songs from. They are not allowed to rearrange the songs at all. (Hear that Chris??) He won't be able to make one into a rock song this week. I really think Chris would do well on a ballad...much better than the screaming he usually does....I sound old complaining about the rock singer:) !!

Word is that Taylor Hicks is going to sing "It Had To Be You". Should be an interesting night!!

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